To Get Info About: Contact Is: Phone e-mail
HVCD organization (Our press contact) Bena Silber (845) 454-2571 Bena
HVCD secretary Ed Berkel (845) 454-2571 Ed
HVCD Finances (to make a donation) John Pagliarulo (845) 255-7061 John
Ballroom Dances Joe & Julie Donato  (845) 204-9833 Ballroom contact
Cajun Dances John Pagliarulo (845) 255-7061 cajun contact
2nd Sunday Swing: Pok Patrick Cummins (845) 298-0854 Sunday Swing contact
3rd/5th Sat Contra Dance (Poughkeepsie) Susie Deane (845) 473-7050 Pok contra contact
3rd/5th Sat Contra Dance (Poughkeepsie) Ed Lynch (845) 452-2483 none
This web site Ed Berkel (845) 454-2571 website coordinator
4th Friday Swing Dance Bena Silber (845) 454-2571 swing contact
Zydeco dances John Pagliarulo (845) 255-7061 zydeco contact
English Country Dance Booking Ed Lynch (845) 452-2483 English contact

Or go to facebook group: Hudson Valley Community Dances